About Us

About Us

We offer tailor-made solutions to fit your budget and project specifications.

Our mission as geomatics service provider of urban and regional infrastructure
puts us at the heart of society. We carry the best interest of society at heart, making a contribution where possible, and integrating projects and worksites to boost social and economic development.

Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of South Africa empower us to provide solutions for all your geomatics services, focusing on quality, reliability and safety, we put together a flexible and responsive organisation by pooling the expertise of our teams. This networked structure goes hand-in-hand with managerial empowerment and operational unit autonomy allows us to regularly adapt the human and technical resources needed.


Trail Surveys is a single resource for comprehensive and integrated geomatics solutions, providing our clients with a start to nish solution, within budget, within time and to the standard and accuracy required.


We offer tailor-made solutions to fit your budget and project specifications through innovation and advanced technology, providing geomatics solutions to bring the world to your desktop, always offering you unique time and cost-effective services - bridging multi-disciplinary geomatics methodologies and experience with your specific survey requirements through innovation and technology advancement.


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Trail Surveys

Trail Surveys


There are a lot of reasons why Trail Surveys should be your geomatics service provider of choice, but the single most important reason is embedded in the fact that we always build and maintain a relationship with our clients based on mutual respect, strong ethics and sound service delivery.

In addition to this we wish to highlight:

  • Trail Surveys offers you an unsurpassed capacity enabling us to execute any project – no matter
    how big or how small – without ever putting you at risk;
  • Our diverse geomatics service range applied in the Engineering-, Agricultural-, Cadastral-,
    Mining-, Architectural-, and Security (Forensic) Industries since 2001 enable you to bridge
    technology advancements across geomatics disciplines and access to a one-stop geomatics
    service which satisfies all your project requirements;
  • Our accumulated and intimate experience enables you to capitalize on the demonstrated time
    and cost-evective geomatics solutions. Just some of our recently attained milestones (since 2001) includes:
    • The execution of more than 3,500 survey projects;
    • The execution of more than 500km of 3D Mobile Laser Scanning Surveys on road corridors;
    • The setting out of more than 2,000,000 survey pegs in the veld;
    • Celebrating our 9th year as Consulting Supervisory Surveyors as part of ESKOM’s “Team Medupi”
      on the construction of the Medupi Power Station – the largest construction project in the Southern
      Hemisphere (22nd largest Power Plant in the world – 4th largest coal fired power plant
      in the world)
    • Executing geomatics services in 28 countries on the African Continent
    • Maintaining an established client base of more than 300 clients, comprising of Organs of the State
      (National-, Provincial-, and Municipal level), Consulting Engineers, Architects, Private- Developers,
      Contractors, Agricultural Corporate Entities and Mining Companies.

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